Debt To Fortune Finance Solution Program


Welcome to “DTFS” membership and Affiliate Program. As an Affiliate, you will enjoy the benefits of the “DTFS” program and also the privilege of receiving commissions on all qualified paid services, and also for referring others to the program.

Read and follow the instructions below to complete the registration process correctly. These instructions and the form can also be downloaded by clicking this DOWNLOAD button.

1. Complete the registration form below by entering your first, last names, and email, in the designated boxes.

a. In the “Referral ID” Box, enter the first letter of your first name, your full last name, and the month and year of your birth (all lower case joined together) for example, President Abe Lincoln will be [alincoln0209]

b. In the Referred by Box, enter the referral ID of the person who referred you to the program, if no personenter DTFS.

2. Finally, enter the date, check the [ ] “I agree” terms and conditions box, then click the Register button to complete the registration process

You will receive a separate email with an invoice for you to remit the $500 entrance fee. After we receive your entrance fee, you will receive another email which will have your Referral Affiliate ID link, with instructions for the NEXT STEPS #1 – #5

CTDFS Membership & Affiliate registration Information

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